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Ask your music production questions

Posted by Acid-Paradox - March 25th, 2014

Any doubts when it comes to make music in your silly computer?

Ask them here.

I am no master but I can make you skip those 3 years on trying to get that snappy snare right. (FACT: It took me 3 years to figure out how to make the SNappy snare, fuck that)



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I have a question here...
What is that "computer" thingy you talk about, and could you please tell more about this "music" stuff you mention here, thanks a lot! XD.

I was just kidding. I was referring to possible questions that people have when they are producing music.

how do you make a snappy snare right

Take 2 or 3 snares samples and layer them on your drum pattern (put them at the same time) Take one of them and move it slighty to the left so it hits before your other snare, but I am talking like really small distance (ms distance) so you will have to zoom in and put it to the closest distance you can.

Compress the fuck out of them (literally)

and mess around with your eq and trust your ears.

Can you talk some about mixing? Like what's your general strategy, any tips or discoveries you've made?

1.- Volumes. I think this is the most important tip of all because everything i write will depend on this. I always try to get my pre-master peak no more than -5db and then boost the volume in the mastering process.

Automate you volumes, for example you have a piano/vocals (any lead you want) playing alone and on the next bar all the other instruments will come.You used these instruments at the intro of your song at a higher or same volume as your piano line, you should automate your instruments' volume and tell them to get low it at a level where it doesn't block the piano, if you notice that your instruments are fighting eachother, check your volumes first and if not go to :

2.- EQ. Highpass EVERYTHING (at 100hz) except on stuff that needs low frequency like the bass, the kick , some pads, etc. (you can also automate your eq's like for example you need the low end of your pad at the intro but you want it to be "highpassed" at the chorus.

It's always better to remove than boost. Solo your channels and try to remove those unnecessary frequencies , how do you know which ones are unnecessary? Just start removing stuff and if you don't notice any negative changes on your sounds, you are doing it right.
Boost only if necessary (for example , to polish acoustic drums you can remove frequencies at 400hz and boost the highs at 5k or 10k this will make them sound better and remove the muddyness)

3.- Don't use drum loops. Fuck them, use oneshots.

Preferred DAW/VSTs?

FL Studio: This is my favorite and the one I currently use since 2011.

Reason: I love reason but the non existent vst support will be the main reason why I don't like it anymore.

Cubase: Pretty good, for some reason this is the DAW that I see more often with people that do film scores and video game scores. I don't use it because it's too complicated to make stuff you can make in 2 clicks with other software.

Live: This is the popular choice, This is my favorite software to make acoustic music because it's easy to record stuff.

Whats your favorite color?


how much time do you spend per day/week what is your work flow?

I am really slow when it comes to producing. I often try to sit and produce 5 hours each day. I use a software called focus booster to keep track of my time and that's pretty much it.

What is a really good thing to add to an intro to make it sound effective?

[Also, I know 4 of the 6 other commenters]

I use two kinds of intros:

Long intros : I usually start developing the ambiance; let's say have only one synth at the beginning then start adding more stuff at the next bar and so on. Think of it as a build. Use sounds at very low volume (those that you can barely hear) to make it sound more full, people won't even notice these sounds but their brain will and it will make the song sound more interesting for them. You can use reversed cymbals, pads, voice clips on a specific rhythmic pattern , a synth doing harmony with the main synth, sweeps etc.

Short intros: This is just pretty much one bar long, just take two pad synths or textures (if you are into sampling) and just play them at the same time and automate their volumes from low to high at the end of the bar and start the song's "verse" , you can use drum fills or sweeps to make it sounds more full.

Dude, I love your old techno music, do you think you'll ever make anymore tunes of that sort?

I really don't know , I'll make whatever my head tells me, so yeah , maybe or maybe not.

First of all, thanks for the great tip on focus booster. I am a lazy as fuck when it comes to producing (which I hate about myself, but I demand change), but this should keep me find a small desire to fill those longer time milestones.

Now for the questions:

1) I usually recognize that my tracks often lack the overall brightness of tracks, even though I enhance highs in the mastering phase to the point I hate it. I even cut some highs from my monitors' own settings from their backpanels, and the problem still persists. Meanwhile, your tracks are FILLED with bright elements and whatever, but I can't really pinpoint what's going on in there. Tell me your secret, Master.

2) I think you kind of already talked a little bit about this in the comments, but I'll ask it anyway: What are your methods to create more "stuff" into your tracks? How do you fill them so the listener is kept occupied and interested thorought the track? This is probably one of the biggest problems I have faced all these years. I'm kind of stuck in this case, hiding in my oh-so darned comfort zone. You can take a listen to some of my latest tracks and comparing them to yours to get the idea what I'm asking here.

3) Ever tried FM synthesis? If so, how the fuck do you pick it up and learn to use it by yourselves? I have owned FM8 for years and I'm still stuck because I'm lazy and I don't know where to start. It's so tempting though...

4) Can you list some personal idiot proof DOs and DON'Ts concerning music production?

So long, and thanks for all the fish,


1) Do you use multiband compression? Try that or mess around with a harmonic exciter. Also make sure your mix is balanced, give all your synths their space to breathe.

2) I heard your "I'm so Free" track and your track is fine regarding the interesting thing you mentioned. You added background stuff like hit hats , noises , etc. and that helps a lot to keep the track interesting for the listener's brain.You are using the same tricks that I do so , I really can't offer any advice if you are feeling uncomfortable.

3) I have never used FM8 or any vst similar to that, I remember I had a brief explanation of how it works but I forgot about it as time passed.

4) DO:
Keep making music.

Don't stop making music.

How can I use a side-chain compressor to make the effect of a Kick causing reverberating waves of decreasing power? As in it will cause the main track or whatever to wave in and out with the beat, with a wave-type sound

How do I skrillex?

1) Ever gonna make a Electro House (or Big room) track??
2) My kicks are very plain cause im just getting a sampled kick and messing around a little bit, do you have any advice for different kicks?

I didn't even start making music yet. I just got an account. I was hoping you could just save me some work by giving me an app or software you like to use and maybe just some general tips for starters

Seriously, how do I Skrillex?

Massive - my favourite plugin, yet, i can't make the actual sound that i want.
Should i:
-Spend a year looking for a preset or
-spend a year making it?

You should try using another VST, if something is not giving you results maybe you are looking in the wrong direction.

Thanks! I finally made the thing in Serum. Good thing in Serum is that you can add your own wavetable!

Where are you

Hey Ruben

When will you post things on Spotify? I've downloaded Progressive back when I was a small child in 2011, I wish I had it on Spotify.