New track guys!.....guys?......snff sniff

2013-10-06 22:55:46 by Acid-Paradox

Oh hey , I was just about to go into a bloody rampage but since you are here, I just wanted to say that I'll be posting my stuff once again on newgrounds, just like the good old times.

Here's my new track!

New track guys!.....guys?......snff sniff


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2013-10-06 23:23:25

i missed you

Acid-Paradox responds:

:' )


2013-10-08 10:46:16

Good new times! :D


2013-10-08 13:10:09

I like it! Can I use some of your music? (See my latest news)


2013-10-14 18:58:04

ah, back at last... how does it feel?


2013-10-24 09:31:42

You blasphemous bastard! How dare you come back after leaving when the leaving was in leave of a pile of leaves!?

Yeah, howdy doody, it was nice to see a new submission of yours in the portal.